Craft Your Journey

Build your own Alberta Craft Beer and Brewery focused road trip itinerary!

Alberta Beer Road Trip: Your Ultimate Craft Brewery Road Trip Planner!

Embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure through Alberta's vibrant craft beer scene with our exclusive road trip and itinerary builder. Designed for the true beer aficionado, this tool allows you to create a personalized journey that perfectly matches your tastes and travel style.

What Makes This Experience Unique?

  • Tailor Your Trip Length: Whether you have a weekend or a whole month, customize your itinerary to fit your schedule.
  • Choose Your Lodging Style: From luxurious hotels to quirky lodges and scenic RV campgrounds, find the perfect places to rest.
  • Curate Your Brewery Stops: Use our guide to select destinations based on beer ratings, tap room experiences, and ambiance—from cozy nooks to bustling resto-pubs.
  • Customize Your Beer Preferences: Hone in on your favorite beer styles by selecting your preferred hops, malt, and tartness levels.
  • Pick Your Adventure Level: Whether you're looking to relax or seek thrills, our planner accommodates over 1,000 unique Alberta destinations tailored to your activity preference.
  • Fine-Tune Your Itinerary: Swap out breweries and attractions to make your journey truly your own.

This 100% Albertan-made trip planner celebrates the best of Alberta's craft breweries, offering an experience that is as unique and dynamic as the province itself. Get ready to explore, taste, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Your ultimate Alberta craft brewery adventure awaits!

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