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Total Saturation

10% alcohol. 45 IBU Inaugural Brew on Friday, September 24, 2021
  • How saturated in aroma and flavour can one beer be? We found ourselves pondering that exact question with our good friends at Collective Craft Beer Shop and decided to find out. To build a big beer, you need wheat, lots of it. And oats, boatloads. Then all the pils malt and flaked barley you can get your hands on. But your beer can’t be totally saturated until you’ve overflown the kettle with as many hops as you can muster. For this beer, we used Yakima Chief's Cryo Pop Hop Blend, a hop medley of the most delicious sticky compounds, cryogenically frozen to extract all that concentrated lupulin - the aromatic stuff that makes Saturation beers smell so damned saturated. You’ll get mind-boggling notes of stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit and as the name suggests, the aroma truly pops from the glass. And for an extra pop of colour, we opted for Summit Labels’ new fluorescent ink labels, which are vibrant during the day, but really come alive at night under a black light. We’re totally proud – and a little intimidated if we’re being honest – to present Total Saturation Triple NEIPA, our biggest, boldest, most aromatic and flavourful hazy beer to date. It’s a ten percenter that drinks like a sixer, with a texture as fluffy as cotton ball clouds and aromas that will waft over you for an eternity. How saturated in aroma and flavour can one beer be? The answer is Total Saturation.

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