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happy beer street ale trail - Alberta and Area Craft Breweries

Welcome to Happy Beer Street, the vibrant heart of Edmonton's brewing scene nestled along 99 St, just south of Whyte Ave.

Here, ELEVEN craft breweries unite in a celebration of community, creativity, and exceptional beer. From the funky ambiance of Whyte Avenue to the historic buildings of Old Strathcona, this neighborhood exudes charm and excitement, perfect for exploration. But it's the breweries that steal the show, each offering its own unique brews and experiences.

From the crisp craft beers of Ale Architect to the award-winning creations of Alley Kat Brewing Co., there's something for every beer lover. Whether you're savoring a pint at Blind Enthusiasm's Biera or enjoying a casual gathering at Odd Company's taproom, Happy Beer Street promises unforgettable moments and endless cheers.

So, join us on this adventure and raise a glass to the spirit of Edmonton's brewing community!

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