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Apex Predator Brewing

4.8/5 Google
3.8/5 Untappd
Micro Brewery  | Opens @ 5:00 PM
53527 Range Rd 181A, Yellowhead County, AB T7E 3T7, Canada

Apex Predator Brewing

Step into the world of Apex, where every beer is a tale waiting to be told and every uncharted territory is an opportunity for a thrilling adventure. Inspired by the rich tapestry of life that surrounds them, Apex crafts their brews to capture the essence of exploration and discovery. From the rugged peaks of the mountains to the bustling city streets, each sip invites you to embark on a journey of flavor and imagination. While there may be no taproom at their location, the spirit of Apex beckons you to explore the world through their finely crafted beers. So grab a bottle, raise a glass, and let the adventure begin!

  • Delicious Alberta Craft Beer

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  •  3.9 on Untappd.
    IPA - American | 
    6.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    72 IBU (Robust Bitterness) 
    Very hop forward with huge aromatics of orange, grapefruit, passionfruit and mango with a touch of resinous pine. Munich and caramel malts contribute a complex toffee caramel malt backbone to balance the elevated bitterness from the hops. Finishes clean, slightly dry and robust with a lingering citrus and tropical impression.
    Inaugural Batch: Friday, September 4, 2015 
  •  3.7 on Untappd.
    Pale Ale - American | 
    5.2% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    40 IBU (Gentle Bitterness) 
    Slight hints of fresh bread and light caramel malt flavour mix with bright floral, grapefruit, and orange hop aromatics. A balanced, refreshing, yet complex beer.
    Inaugural Batch: Sunday, July 15, 2018 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    Porter - Other | 
    5.8% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    35 IBU (Gentle Bitterness) 
    This brew packs a bear hug of maltiness with intense notes of fine roasted coffee, dark chocolate, molasses and cacao, yet with a lingering sweetness and hints of raisin and plum that round out the malt character. Moderate hop additions provide a floral, herbal, and earthy counterpart to the malt in both flavour and aroma; all this, topped with peach and dried fruit esters, combine to make this a full-bodied, yet extremely drinkable, porter.
    Inaugural Batch: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 
  •  4.1 on Untappd.
    IPA - Imperial / Double | 
    8.2% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    100 IBU (Intense Bitterness) 
    Bold and intense hop flavours dominate this double IPA. Multiple hopping additions provide concentrated aromas of guava, sweet tangerine, and ripe pineapple, while a lingering piney bitterness contributes necessary balance. A generous amount of flaked grains provide a creamy mouthfeel, and long-lasting head.
    Inaugural Batch: Tuesday, February 7, 2017 
  •  3.7 on Untappd.
    IPA - Session | 
    4.7% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    55 IBU (Robust Bitterness) 
    Smashing together raw materials can produce unexpected results even when the intention is focused. It’s not random, there’s an order behind the process. Likewise, mixing simmering conversations with early twilight air has the potential to create a multitude of events but likely only one moment that’ll sear into your memory. You have to forge through the inane chit chat, light a thousand embers of insight so that one roaring blaze might ignite an experience worthy of illumination. The Flint & Steel’s rich aromatics boast strong hop flavours as well as intense and varied notes of fruit. Think blackcurrant, apricot and ripe berry mellowed out by caramel, sweet bread and graham cracker to create a light and easy to drink beer with an unforgettable fragrance. Slightly bitter, silky but robust, this Session India Pale Ale pairs with spicy and sweet grilled meats and Cajun seafood, Thai curries, and carrot cake, too.
    Inaugural Batch: Sunday, January 10, 2016 
  •  3.7 on Untappd.
    IPA - Rye | 
    6.2% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    0 IBU (Trace Bitterness) 
    Red Rye IPA, intricate malt flavours contrasted with a variety of new world hops. Rich toffee, dried plum and spicy, earthy rye malt flavours, combined with orange, passion fruit, geranium and stone fruit hop characters create a unique pint.
    Inaugural Batch: Wednesday, December 25, 2019 
  •  3.6 on Untappd.
    Pilsner - Czech / Bohemian | 
    4.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    35 IBU (Gentle Bitterness) 
    Brewed in the classic Bohemian pilsner style, Rushing Waters boasts rich maltiness and multiple additions of Czech Saaz hops. Expect notes of intricate, bready, sweet toasted malt intertwined with spicy, grassy and herbal hop flavour and aroma, with a pronounced yet refined bitterness. Extended lagering time accentuates the crisp, clean nature of this exceptionally smooth-drinking beer.
    Inaugural Batch: Friday, July 13, 2018 
  •  3.5 on Untappd.
    Lager - American | 
    4.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    19 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Delicate in aroma, with faint notes of sweet corn and a muted herbal hop character. Flavours of sweet grain dominate, while Willamette hops provide a subtle background counterpoint of fresh geraniums. Very light-bodied, finishing crisp, dry, and extremely refreshing on the palate.
    Inaugural Batch: Friday, June 17, 2022 
  •  3.7 on Untappd.
    Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager) | 
    6.6% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    57 IBU (Robust Bitterness) 
    This double dry hopped black lager is light in body, but big in flavour. Dominant roast coffee and pungent pine give way to a fruit medley consisting of plum, blackberry, and fresh mango, leaving a refreshing citrus finish.
    Inaugural Batch: Monday, April 19, 2021 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    Pale Ale - American | 
    5.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    52 IBU (Robust Bitterness) 
    The whole orchard. Both in aroma and flavour showcase a wide variety of fruit characteristics including pineapple, mango, peaches, tangerine, lychee, you name it, it's here.
    Inaugural Batch: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    IPA - Imperial / Double | 
    8.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    75 IBU (Intense Bitterness) 
    Aged in rum barrels, this double dry hopped IPA, delights in its tropical fruit characters. Hints of pineapple and mango partner well with a resounding tangerine and grapefruit citrus finish. The bready maltiness and delicious rum notes give great balance to this delicious IPA.
    Inaugural Batch: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 
  •  3.7 on Untappd.
    Mild - Other | 
    4.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    17 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    When trying to make a beer that resembles a chocolate bar, the temptation is to go big in every way. However, we decided to challenge ourselves by making something that is super sessionable, yet complex enough to keep your palate interested. Lotney possesses aromas of nougat, dark caramel, chocolate and honey which are supported by flavours of toffee, nuts and butterscotch. Smooth and light in body, enjoy this pint slightly warmer than normal to allow the many specialty malts to really shine!
    Inaugural Batch: Monday, March 22, 2021 
  •  3.6 on Untappd.
    Lager - Amber / Red | 
    5.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    24 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Gentle, yet complex. This refreshing rice lager has prominent blood orange aroma, accompanied by a subtle note of spice, and light biscuits. A generous addition of rice creates a crisp mouthfeel which is balanced by rich flavours of marmalade and prunes.
    Inaugural Batch: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 
  •  3.9 on Untappd.
    IPA - Rye | 
    5.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    45 IBU (Gentle Bitterness) 
    A simple and refreshing pale ale, brewed with two distinct rye malts, a generous helping of flaked rye, and a healthy dose of Citra hops. Subtle notes of fresh bread and passion fruit accompany a fresh citrus aroma. Rye spiciness lends a prominent role to the flavour, while the citrus notes present more clearly as sweet mandarin orange and ruby red grapefruit. A hint of peach and lingering bitterness round out the aftertaste.
    Inaugural Batch: Monday, May 31, 2021 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    Belgian Tripel | 
    8.6% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    28 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Clocking in at a sneaky 8.6%, our fall seasonal is jam-packed with character. A traditional Belgian Abbey yeast provides a bevy of fruity aromas, including ripe bananas, blackberry, raisins, and sweet orange. Continental malts contribute a grainy, honey malt backbone, accompanying a floral hop character, abundant fruitiness, and a slightly spicy finish.
    Inaugural Batch: Sunday, September 25, 2022 
  •  3.7 on Untappd.
    Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen | 
    5.2% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    0 IBU (Trace Bitterness) 
    Expect a wide range of aromatics, including but not limited to: bananas, clove, bubblegum, fresh lemon, honeydew melon and white pepper. Similar notes carry through into the flavour, with a soft, creamy mouthfeel from the wheat giving way to a crisp, semi-dry and lightly acidic finish.
    Inaugural Batch: Thursday, June 2, 2022 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    Stout - Milk / Sweet | 
    5.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    25 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Coalspur offers the deep, elegant flavours of an imperial stout with the quaffability of a table stout. Rich touches of bittersweet chocolate and dark roasted espresso are counterbalanced by lactose, which brings a creamy mouthfeel and slight sweetness.
    Inaugural Batch: Wednesday, January 20, 2021 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    IPA - American | 
    6.7% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    51 IBU (Robust Bitterness) 
    We wouldn't call this a Creamsicle IPA if it didn't taste like a Creamsicle; sweet orange and creamy vanilla combine with silky smooth oats to produce a rich, flavourful pint. Brewed with carefully selected citrus-forward hops and aged on Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, this beer will make you feel like a kid again.
    Inaugural Batch: Thursday, September 23, 2021 
  •  3.6 on Untappd.
    Kölsch | 
    7.1% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    17 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Robust, yet extremely approachable. Gentle notes of sweet grain, mild crackers, and fresh lemon zest make this the perfect patio summer sipper.
    Inaugural Batch: Wednesday, August 4, 2021 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    Rauchbier | 
    8% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    22 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Our take on the classic smoked beers of Bamberg, dialed up to Doppelbock levels of goodness. A substantial proportion of the grain utilized was traditional Beechwood smoked malt, which delivers a nose of smoked bacon and rich caramel. Carlstadt then gives way to a palate full of gentle smokiness, fresh toasted bread, nougat and dark fruits, with a refreshing and balanced finish.
    Inaugural Batch: Wednesday, February 23, 2022 
  •  3.8 on Untappd.
    Pale Ale - New England / Hazy | 
    5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    35 IBU (Gentle Bitterness) 
    Hazy and yellow with a pure white head, the Pale Horseman has a bold tropical aroma reminiscent of pineapple fruit cups and freshly sliced grapefruit. With light grainy notes of wheat and oats followed by bright pineapple, lemon citrus and some stone fruit, this beer feels smooth and silky upfront and leaves a soft lingering bittnerness
    Inaugural Batch: Friday, June 2, 2023 
  •  3.9 on Untappd.
    Winter Warmer | 
    7.6% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    25 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Although we don’t recommend drinking it at Camelot (it is a silly place), Galahad is the perfect pint to sip while contemplating the logistics of coconut migration. Matured in Caribbean rum barrels for six months then aged on toasted coconut and cinnamon chips, the resultant beer boasts a complex, robust spiced character. Intense aromas of coconut and rich vanilla are harmoniously joined by flavours of light toffee, nutty oak, and mulled dark rum.
    Inaugural Batch: Monday, February 22, 2021 
  •  3.9 on Untappd.
    Brown Ale - English | 
    6% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    32 IBU (Subtle Bitterness) 
    Crafted as a tribute to the classic hermit cookie, this English Brown Ale combines rich biscuit, nut and caramel malt flavour with additions of fresh dates, molasses, nutmeg, and vanilla.Smooth, full bodied and complex, The Hermit is the perfect pint for braving the long Alberta Winter.
    Inaugural Batch: Saturday, December 4, 2021 
  •  Not rated yet.
    Fruit Beer | 
    6.5% Alcohol/Vol. | 
    12 IBU (Trace Bitterness) 
    Bathed in a light, hazy pink, ‘Do You Have Anything Fruity?’ is a Belgian Raspberry Fruit Ale that entices with the luminous allure of a sunny orchard. The aroma is a complex bouquet of spice and fruity esters from a farmhouse Saison yeast, blending seamlessly with the fresh, sweet scents of ripe raspberries. On the palate, this ale offers a vibrant rush of juicy raspberry flavors, supported by the silky smooth mouthfeel and subtle phenolic notes of pepper. Light-bodied and delicate effervescent, this beer is a harmonious mix of tradition and fruit-forward innovation, perfect for savoring the lively spirit of Belgian craftsmanship infused with a modern, fruity twist
    Inaugural Batch: Saturday, May 4, 2024 

Reviews       (tap to toggle)

  • Danny
    5 years ago
    Haven't been to their brewery but love their mountain size cans of White Raven. Loved them so much that we carried 20 of them with us through the Bowron Lakes canoe circuit. Best canned beer in Alberta!
  • Kari Mayer
    3 years ago
    Great brewery, with some gorgeous scenery surrounding the patio! Definitely will be back! (Beers are great too!!)
  • Amanda Sawicki
    2 months ago
    Delicious beer! The perfect stop for local beer to/from the mountains
  • Mike Tupper
    2 years ago
    I had the privilege of delivering some new components to Apex Predator Brewing today!! I had a chance to meet some of the Apex Brewing family!! They are so welcoming and a great bunch!! I've tried their beer and love it, great flavour and an amazing selection!! If you've never tried Apex Predator Brewing I suggest you try it!! Can't wait to try more of their beer!!
  • Marcus Gill
    4 years ago
    Awesome beer and great service what more can you ask for
  • 53527 Range Rd 181A, Yellowhead County, AB T7E 3T7, Canada
  • (780) 517-7008
  • Opens @ 5:00 PM
    • MON: Closed
    • TUE: Closed
    • WED: Closed
    • THU: Closed
    • FRI: 5:00 - 8:00 PM
    • SAT: 12:00 - 8:00 PM
    • SUN: 12:00 - 5:00 PM
  • apexpredatorbrewing.com

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