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Last Spike Brewery

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Micro Brewery  | 
Calgary, AB T2C 4S6, Canada

Last Spike Brewery

  • Delicious Alberta Craft Beer

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  • Marcus Scherwitz
    3 years ago
    They make a very fair priced beer called Bronc. Its like 90s beer nostalgia in every sip. My friends all agree and choose it everytime at the liquor store. It's my new go to and I hope it becomes yours.
  • Swift Saboo
    a year ago
    Would not spend my money on products from this establishment. Will most likely snitch on you to your alcoholics anonymous group. May also snitch to the CRA if they see you wearing nice clothes or ESPECIALLY if you drive a nice car. Instead try driving down to Mexico
  • CeJay Innes-Mammen
    10 months ago
    Never been here, but Bronc is decent beer, especially for the price. Ignore all these one star reviews, they're just a bunch of "adults" who's feelings got hurt when they got kicked out of the brewery parking lot for acting like idiots.
  • Alena
    a year ago
    They bring a bunch of temporary workers on and treat them with the most disrespect. Maybe the beer is good, but it would benefit them greatly to be more transparent with their employees. Do not work for them.
  • Robert Walters
    2 years ago
    Bronc beer is the best for its price point. With everything going up I put together a test on multiple beers for a lower price point and this is easily the best beer. Bronc will be my go to beer for a long time!

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